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  • Auctions create a sense of urgency

  • Auctions expose properties to a wide audience

  • Auctions lower carrying costs to the Seller

  • Auctions accelerate the marketing period

  • Auctions are becoming the first choice of Sellers



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Have your property sold in 4 weeks. Contact us today to discuss whether your property is appropriate for an auction. If you are already listed with a Realtor, no problem, as we will fully cooperate with any listing Realtor, so have them call us.


  • Your property WILL BE SOLD on the day of the Auction (as long as you properly set your minimum bid). It possibly will sell before the auction date, as some buyers will place offers early, trying to lock up the property before others can bid. Bottom line, you eliminate the lengthy ordeal and high carrying costs of typical real estate sales and free up your capital.

  • Because we are certain the property will sell, and because of the compressed marketing time frame, we can provide far more marketing, resulting in greater visibility and thus, more buyers.

  • Your property will be exposed to a very large number of qualified buyers in a short period of time. And the urgency of a specific date forces buyers to act instead of waiting.

  • You should get TRUE MARKET VALUE due to multiple motivated, competitive, simultaneous bidders. In fact, competitive bidding can result in a selling price above market value as bidders become determined to “win”.

  • No unscheduled showings thus greatly reducing a major headache of selling a property.

  • There are no lengthy negotiations and no canceled escrows, as there are no contingencies.

  • Escrow periods are very short, typically 30 days unless you want a longer period.

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